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Family Plan for Lent and Passion Week 2014.

March 25, 2013 at 12:31am

Lent Reading Plans and Devotionals

1. Family preps for lent. Free downloadable devotion and directions on how to make an Easter tree.

2. More family preps for Lent and printables

3. Reading plan for Easter using the Jesus Storybook Bible. Includes free printables



6. Eight Biblical Devotions to Prepare for Easter. Can be used weekly during Lent or daily during Holy Week. *Would be better suited for adults/older children


Passion Week

Palm Sunday

In Jesus’ time, palm branches were used in celebrations or to honor dignitaries. Read John 12:12-13. Have your kids make palm branches out of green construction paper and decorate the dinner table with their creations. Place extra “branches” on a path from the entryway to the table to mark a path of honor. Before dinner, discuss the meaning of Hosanna, which could have been an appeal for divine help or salvation, or a way to praise Jesus. Ask your children what they might shout if they saw Jesus coming down the road today.


Bake bread as a family, and discuss why Jesus called himself the Bread of Life. Point out that just as bread gives us nutrition and sustains us physically, Jesus offers us eternal life and sustains us spiritually. Put the bread in a basket. Then add some Easter goodies and at least one item that shares the Easter message. Deliver the basket to someone who may need an extra dose of kindness this week.


Make a cross out of wood scraps. As a family talk about how sin is any attitude, thought, feeling, word or action that is not perfect or holy. Have family members write their thoughts and confessions of sin on a piece of paper, fold it and adhere to the cross. Talk about how Jesus suffered the punishment for all of our sins so that we would not have to.


1. Place a white carnation in a vase. Read 1 Peter 1:18-19. Discuss with your children what it meant that Jesus was a “lamb without blemish or defect.” Add a dozen drops of red food coloring to the water. Watch what happens over the next two or three days. Use the red flower petals as a reminder that Jesus took our sins upon himself when He died on the Cross.

Maundy Thursday

1. Experience your own Maundy Thursday foot-washing ceremony. Fill a bucket with water. Grab a few towels, gather your family, and share the story found in John 13:1-17. Then take turns washing each other’s feet and praying for one another.

2. Basket of Rocks/Blessing Baskets

We will fill the baskets with rocks to represent our sins. We will call out our sin (general and maybe even specific) as we place each rock in to the basket.

Then we will cover the rocks with a red cloth, to represent the Blood of Christ that covers our sins, talking about Christ’s death on the cross and what it means for us. Then we will take the rocks out of the basket (placing them in Jesus’ Basket) and talk about how Jesus truly takes our sins away. The baskets will remain empty until Sunday morning. On Sunday morning when we wake to find our Empty Tomb, we will also find the baskets filled with Goodies. We will share with the children why we are rejoicing and celebrating.

Good Friday

1. Did you know, while our King was on the cross, Your face was in his eyes, Your life was in his mind, Your sin was on his back, Love of you, was in his heart, for beloved, your name was written on his palm.

Before your family gets up on Friday morning, stamp or write every one’s hands in red with their name across their palm, that they will remember Christ’s death was not a generic salvation plan for all – it was for you. We are his beloved.

2. Help your little ones stuff hollow plastic eggs with one chocolate heart, because Jesus came to give us a new heart toward God. Then allow your little one to hand them out to friends, neighbors, or people you meet during the day. You might include a note inside with the passage from John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” – Jesus


1. Resurrection Eggs

Purchase some plastic eggs and fill them with objects and Scriptures that will help you celebrate the story of Easter to your children. Use the ideas below or come up with your own to tell your kids about our salvation in Jesus Christ.
◾Branch – Matthew 21:1-11. Use a leaf with its stem. Roll it up loosely to get it into the egg.
◾Bread – Matthew 26:26. Use a piece of bread if you are going to open the egg right away. You may also use a piece of cracker.
◾Silver coins – Matthew 26: 14-15. Use 30 coins: dimes, nickels, or quarters. Pack them into the egg.
◾Purple cloth – Mark 15:17. Grab a piece of purple cloth from an old sheet, towel, or outgrown clothing item.
◾Thorns – Matthew 27:29. Use a cutting from a thorny bush or even a rose stem.
◾Rope – Mark 15:15. Use a piece of rope that is pretty thick.
◾Cross – John 19: 17-18a. Try using a cross from a piece of jewelry. Often Christian book stores have little plastic or wooden crosses that would fit in the egg as well.
◾Nails – John 20:25. Use a couple of nails from your toolbox.
◾Sign – Luke 23:38. Cut a strip of paper to 1 inch by 3-4 inches. Write these words on it: THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. Roll it up like a scroll.
◾Sponge – Matthew 27:48. Tear off a piece from a kitchen sponge.
◾Rock – Matthew 27:59-60. A rock small enough to fit inside the egg will do.
◾Nothing – Matthew 28:6. Be sure this egg remains empty.

Resurrection Sunday~CELEBRATE!

1. Resurrection Rolls

Ingredients Needed to make Resurrection Rolls:
◾*Canned Crescent Rolls
◾Small bowl of melted butter
◾Small bowl of Cinnamon/Sugar Mixture
◾Large Marshmallows

Before beginning, melt your butter, preheat your oven to the temperature on your crescent roll can, and cover your pan in parchment paper or aluminum foil, because the melted marshmallows can get messy!

Give each child a marshmallow, and tell them it represents Jesus. Have them dip it into the melted butter, and then roll it in the cinnamon sugar. These represent the oil and spices used to prepare Jesus’ body for burial.

Now give each child a crescent roll, and have them wrap up the marshmallow tightly, pinching it closed as much as possible. The roll represents the linen cloths that Jesus’ body was wrapped in.

Place your rolls into the oven, which symbolizes the tomb. Bake according to package directions, and pretend it has been 3 days! While the resurrection rolls baked, the marshmallow melted away, leaving an “empty tomb”. Isn’t that cool?! Jesus has risen! Alleluia, Alleluia




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