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Traci Pollard- Founder of WAWL Women’s Ministry.

Traci is married, mom to five children ranging from the age of 25 years to 11 years old. (3 boys, 2 girls). She is the wife of a retired Army officer, and has lived in Virginia for over fifteen years. She is a public school teacher to first graders, and loves learning new things! She is a Bible Study teacher on WAWL Ministry, and a leader with Saddleback Church in the small group ministries. She enjoys sharing and helping other women grow and walk with Christ. At Saddleback Church, under the leadership of Pastor Rick Warren, she currently has four online groups, and one home group.

She has been a Christian since she was a little girl. In 2002, her family suffered a devastating tragedy, her brother Daniel was killed in a horrific car accident. She states, “Up until this point in my life, I had really never experienced tragedy and grief on that level, it was shortly thereafter, that my walk with the Lord was extremely strained.  I was very angry at God for taking my brother whom I adored, in those dark days, I became addicted to prescription medicine, and for several years battled with that. I am always in recovery, but I have been clean since 2004. I truly believe that God will not allow you to go through something, and  then want you to keep it a secret. Today I share my experience with pain, and loss and addiction to help the lives of others.”

She attended Liberty University receiving her B.S in Religion, and her Master’s in Education. She believes that Education is the key to success in life and encourages all the women she leads to never stop growing and learning!

She is an  avid reader, writer, teacher, and enjoys researching family lines in Genealogy.

Feel free to contact her via email, wawlministry@gmail.com or by Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Traci.pollard1970


Cynthia Sullivan-Leader

My name is Cynthia Jones Sullivan. I am 62 years old, and have been married for twenty eight years!  We have no children, having married later in life. We have two dogs and ten cats to make up for it. I worked as a CNA in Pediatrics for fourteen years, later going back to school after I got married for Early Childhood Education, in which I taught for twenty five years.

I was raised in an alcoholic home. My dad died of Psoriasis of liver six years ago, after he came to know the Lord and quit drinking!

I went through a stage of searching in all the worldly ways which only got me into trouble with my parents.  I had been searching for God in all the wrong places.  I have been through a lot of things, but thanks to a lot of friends and their prayers I let God in my life!

I accepted the Lord and started walking with him when I was twenty years old. I have struggled with one thing or another (typical things we often go through), Satan didn’t want me to go with JESUS, but I always did. I have been on numerous Mission trips before I was married in both the United States and Overseas!

My main ministry right now is Ministry for the Poor.  It brings me great joy in helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who need it.

I love working with people, and try to help others in any way that I can. I am a Prayer Intercessor, and enjoy participating and leading Bible studies. My hobbies include working on crafts, and reading.

I have always fought with my weight issue since I was young! I think with my involvement with Saddleback Church and doing the Daniel Plan, Crave, and Transformation studies it is really helping me in my life, especially having an accountability partner!

I am willing and available for you at any times .Just message me I will get back to you. You can contact me on Facebook, just friend me, and we will connect! https://www.facebook.com/cynthia.sullivan.1806. I can also be reached by email at cynthiasullivan56@yahoo.com.


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