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The First Snow of the Year

Wow, it’s actually snowing n Virginia. Very small, light snow, that of course is not sticking, but nevertheless, it’s snow! I can’t believe that we are winding down another year, time waits on no one, that’s for sure. So many

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A Day When You Just Want To Scream, "Thank You Jesus!"

I know there are days when nothing trivial happens to put you on the edge of your seat, or opportunities for us to see the TRUE Grace of God, but today has not been one of those tthankful mornings! When

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Listening to this song on my blog.

I have always loved the song that plays on my blog. It makes so much since for me now, all the things that I have struggled with…. Letting go, and giving it to God. I know that I have to

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Life Just Keeps on Moving….

Today marked the eighth anniversary of my brother Daniel’s death.  It sure doesnt feel like eight years have passed, but so much has changed.  Its hard to believe that he was only given such a short time here, 24 years

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