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Where Would I Be?

It is such a humbling experience to sit and watch God’s majestic beauty and power as the ocean is constantly in motion. It’s the little things that we often are too busy to notice. Have you done everything you wanted to

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I Know There’s A God If I’m Still Here

You know I was thinking this morning about God, and the concept of life. I know that the title to this article is pretty out there, but then again, when I think of how God has carried me through this

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Addiction and God’s Grace……

Let’s be real here, this is a very raw subject we often don’t want to talk about, bring up, or much less think about, but I feel I have to do it. This blog started out as “my” personal place

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Listening to this song on my blog.

I have always loved the song that plays on my blog. It makes so much since for me now, all the things that I have struggled with…. Letting go, and giving it to God. I know that I have to

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