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Thing’s Are Not Always As They Seem.

It is amazing to me how we as people get so comfortable in their own little world and often do not think of the discomforts, struggles, and trials of other people. I have learned in my life that the key

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Mom Connection Book Review by Tracey Bianchi

In a fast paced world of high expectation, and the giving of oneself to a world that often doesn’t notice you exist, the author Tracey Bianchi slows down the tempo and brings us back to the reality that one mom

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God is really working on me with this. I never realized that we as humans are such a “see what I did for you,” type of culture, but we are, and I am just as guilty. God told me to

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I feel differently now……

You know God has a way of really working out things if you take a minute to put it all in perspective, and really listen to what He is saying to you. It is amazing that we all live in

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Just Plain Fun…..

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