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I am reblogging an article that was on the blog “Remembering my Reflection”. Great Article.

Remembering My Reflection

There is only One right Answer.

God is really impressing upon me the Truth that He is the Answer to everything I deal with, everything I go through. Every hardship, every trial, every temptation…in seeking Him, I find I lack nothing for He is my everything. 

How do we overcome temptations to sin? How do we answer the devil when he comes to us with whispers of fulfillment and illusions of control?

Simple; the Word of God.

Jesus Himself used the Scriptures to silence the enemy. He quoted the faithful Words of the Father and Satan had no choice but to abide by them. The same is true now.

Now, when the enemy comes, we don’t need to know all the words….just One Word. And that Word is Jesus. Simply Jesus. 

This goes for everything. Jesus was God’s final Word; why, then, shouldn’t He be ours? The all encompassing…

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I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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