Do You Think You Would Have This Much Strength?

I often write about people that are in my life who made a tremendous impact in my thoughts or the way that I view life. I have a friend who I met a few years ago when her little girl had cancer. Emily was about four years old and had just recently finished all her treatments, I am happy to say that she is in remission to this day. Monica, the mother a few years later had another little boy named Eric who is now six years old. When Eric was two years old they also found cancer, only he is still battling it and it is a stage four. To catch you up to date on this wonderful mom, she was married to their father but he sadly passed away last year at a very young age of a seizure. It is odd and bizarre, and very unexpected of Eric Sr.’s death, I believe he was in his early or mid thirties when he died.  Little Eric is still in the children’s hospital and the last update that I received from Monica was that he was going to be transferred to another hospital, in hopes that he receives a transplant to save his life. After suffering the loss of my brother twelve years ago, I simply am in awe of Monica’s strength and perseverance. To be honest, what choice does she have, she is alone, and has a total of five children to care after, but one must wonder how and when she does it all. To make matters worse, Monica’s In-laws are in constant battle with her, and are not sadly, very supportive of her.

A few years ago I had Emily in one of my classes at school, and I remember that it was right after her chemo therapy that she would come to school, and the poor child would be completely wiped out! It was exhausting for her little body, and I remember one time carrying her to her school bus at the end of the day so she could go home. Her mom tired so hard for little Emily to continue on, doing what “other kids did, making her life as normal as possible.”

Now Monica battles it again, only this time alone! In a recent posting on Facebook, she wrote that she was explaining to Eric that they would be moving to another hospital in hopes that he would get better. Monica stated that little Eric responded with , “I am never going to get better. Why did Emily get better and not me?” This breaks my heart, what do you say to your child when they ask you that question?  She continued on in her post, that she had recently read to him, “Heaven is For Real”. This absolutely broke my heart, why she asks, “Am I reading this book to my six year old?” Eric’s response was that he would see daddy again.


I pray for Monica and her kids, I am a Christian, and I know that God certainly is in control and has a purpose in all of this. I am thankful that we have a God who understands questions like, “God, how much do you think one person can take?”. I know the grief, and I can only imagine her struggles. I ask you to pray for her and her family. I do not know what God has in store for this family. I am praying that little Eric is healed, and goes on to have a normal life. I am praying for strength for Monica, and healing for her family. Her other children are probably middle school age now. Please join me in prayer and holding this family close to your heart. I do not believe she is working, I do not know how she possibly could really, hold down a job in addition to all of this. She has an account on  (or something like that) Imagethat people donate to her, but other than that I simply do not know. So again, join me in prayer for her financial stability as well.


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