God Size Dreams Are Possible!

It is amazing the thoughts that can come into your mind, and like a filing system your brain automatically scans it over, and either keeps the thought as realistic, or discards it away.  Keep in mind that this brain processing is based on what we as humans believe to be realistic based on our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It does not mean that it is accurate. Sometimes your thoughts are so big that it is impossible for your mind to grasp, those are what I call “God Size Dreams,” visions that are so big that they seem impossible to fulfill.

This is where faith comes into play. I know that my purpose is to be a vessel for God, obedient to his teaching, and his timing. It is a daily, step by step journey, but I can say that it gets more enjoyable day by day. The last few days it has been placed on my heart that the East Coast needs an extension of Saddleback Church, which is located in California. Rick Warren is a spirit filled, “purpose driven” dreamer with a heart and passion for God. When I think about the idea of helping to start a church out here, my thoughts automatically tell me that it is not possible! My mind and emotions tell me your too busy, too inexperienced, have no idea what you are doing to even think about starting such a project such as that. Well, my mind is thinking on the human term, no on the terms of God. If Rick had stayed a dreamer, he would not have been obedient to God, and the church that we now know as Saddleback would not be here today. It is crazy to think that he as a young pastor just decided one day to move his young family out to California to start-up this church.  It is even crazier for the mind to remember that Peter walked on water! Peter was actually doing what no other man could do,  but only when he had his eyes on Jesus was he able to do this. The minute he looked away, down into the water he went.

I felt the same way today, I talked to a friend at Saddleback of my ambition online, and right after I sent the message self doubt filled my soul, with what in the world are you thinking? This is crazy!!! Well, it probably is a bit out there on my normal scheme of thoughts, but I know that  through God anything is possible. Rick Warren said it best when he said, “Where God guides, He provides!” That is the absolute truth, I have seen it happen time after time!

Do you ever feel like when you are reading the stories in the Bible, that the people in the stories were not normal, every day people? I used to think that to do the will of God, you had to be pretty special! I never thought about the reformed drug addict, high school drop-out, every day average person to do such great and wonderful things for God! I have since learned that God will use anyone He see’s that is obedient, and willing to be a vessel for Him. He will give that person all the resources needed to do the job, and the wisdom and guidance to complete his mission.

I don’t know what the future holds, I do not even know if this vision will come to play. I do know that I am waiting, and willing to be used by God in any way that He see’s fit. Please pray for me for discernment and obedience to do God’s Will.


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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