Are You Desiring More?

I am on a spiritual journey right now with the goal of falling deeper in love with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am excited, and can physically, spiritually, and emotionally see the changes going on in my life and in my surroundings. I know that it is a lifelong journey, but like any trip I am happy for it to finally be underway! It kind of reminds me of when my family and I take a Cruise. We count down the days till the trip, are so excited to finally get on the boat and enjoy the moment. the only difference between the journey I am on now, is that unlike a cruise vacation, this one will never end!

A few weeks ago in my small group that I am leading we talked about the difference of having knowledge and having wisdom. Wisdom allows you to view things from the same perspective of Christ. You model to see all people, and situations through the eyes of Christ.  Most importantly, you initiate your response to be one that Christ too would have done. As a result of praying for wisdom,  I am starting to see things in a completely different way, and study Scripture that I never knew existed.  I have an appetite for learning more about His Word, and desiring a closer relationship with  Jesus, it feels like such a high (natural). The warm physical feeling you have inside your body that makes you look and feel like you are glowing!

I have been really diving into Scripture on the Holy Spirit! I have learned so much, and all kinds of doors of opportunities have been opening in my life, a direct result of the Word and the Work of the Holy Spirit. It is my deepest desire to positively affect other people, and by example, bring others who are lost to Christ. In Church today it was said that to draw people to Christ, you must be a good encourage. Jesus had an amazing ability to encourage other people for He was so full of compassion and love. They say to be a good leader, you must be a good delegater. I think if we changed the focus from delegation to building and encouraging one another, there really would be no need to delegate things to others, for the sheer desire to please one another in love, this  would almost eliminate this need. We as a society need to get to the concepts of what true service is to one another, using Jesus as an ideal role model.


How about you? What do you want in your life? How will you reach your goal? I encourage you to reach and put your own plan of action into place. Write out your Godly goals and objectives and see what you come up with.





I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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