The Business of You

I love to share other author’s writings when I find articles of such quality! I am sharing this with you because I love the thoughts and heart of this. I hope that you enjoy his  words as well as I did, and that this will link back to his blog. I have never “re-blogged” an article before so I have no idea where it will go. If it does not credit the author for some reason, please let me know and I will send you her link. Jeff Calloway, you are an awesome writer!

WordServe Water Cooler

me-myself-and-i-021 Social media is full of the white noise of people promoting themselves. Writers promoting books, ministry leaders promoting tools for church growth, singers promoting new releases, churches promoting their church, and on and on it goes. Tweets for how to lead your church, how to get more followers, how to make money off your blog. The list is endless. Social media has become a clogged highway of everyone promoting themselves and their newest content that will help you _____________ (fill in the blank). The problem is, I have been pulled into this white noise that seems to get lost on the people who are seeing constant media feeds in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and the other social media sites.

What is a Christian to do when it comes to self-promotion in a me-driven world? As writers and artists, we produce content we believe others would benefit from consuming…

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I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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2 comments on “The Business of You
  1. Thanks Traci for re-posting this bog post! Praying for you as you encourage others to walk in the Word. BTW – a church I used to pastor was Purpose Driven Health Award winner several years ago. Love your church and pastor!


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