Starting a Christian Women’s Ministry Online.

I was just thinking about a conversation I had with a friend about two years ago, she told me out  of the blue that i was going to have  a ministry for God. I listened to her that day, but had no real desire in my heart to have any ministry other than teaching Bible Study classes here and there. I have always loved learning about  God’s Word, and sharing with other woman what I had learned, but never thought about having a Christian Ministry.  I think of what was said back then, It makes me smile. It is amazing to look back over time and see the fullness of God, watching His plans become realities and using normal, ordinary, everyday people to do his Will. I always have known that when God has a purpose for you, or plans for his people, He will make a way, opening doors for opportunity, and using all circumstances for His Glory,  lifting and using any willing person as His vessel that is open and obedient to hearing His Will.  I love this, and most importantly,  I love that He does what He says He will do, and He is who He says He is!

I started teaching Bible Study online a few years ago. I was in another Christian Women’s Group leading Bible Studies, and had done so for about a year or so. I was very happy there, and was excited to see the ministry grow. I was able to use creative ways to create more study groups for different genres of Bible Study. We had just created a Prayer group, that was growing and flourishing. I was very content there, but looking back now i realize God had other idea’s for his Kingdom. All of a sudden, for unknown reasons, there was a misunderstanding with the founder of the group, and I was asked to leave. To quickly fast forward the story for understanding on where I am today, I will quickly say that I was hurt, felt rejected, because I was comfortable, and at home with “friends”, but was not reaching out for God’s people, the one’s who needed it the most, the lost. We often get comfortable with our clique of other Christian friends, but to be a true Disciple of Christ, it is not to just fellowship with other Christians, but to reach the one’s who do not know Jesus. I used the social media Facebook to start a group so that I could finish the study that I was doing with the ladies in my group from the other ministry.

I am in awe of the ability to take social media and use for God’s glory! Social media is the wave of the future, it is how almost everyone communicates and stays in touch with other people. It is also amazing to see how it is being used for the Kingdom of God! I am in awe of how people from around the world, at any hour of the day, can come together to communicate, chat, study, and share about God and His Word. There are thousands of groups being used today on Facebook alone: prayer groups, fellowship, Bible Study, small groups, and even online churches.

We are reaching those that are home-bound, disabled, lonely, hurting and in need of God’s Word. I am in awe of what churches are doing online as well. I belong to Saddleback Church, and Pastor Rick Warren from way back, has always believed that the Kingdom of God will grow using small groups of people connecting daily, weekly to share the love of God and learn His Word. I see the connections as an Online Small Group host and Associate Community Leader with Saddleback. I urge you, get involved with a Christian ministry, whether it be with your own home church,  a church that is using the internet for God’s Glory, such as Saddleback, or social media to fellowship and study with other Christian Believers.   My ministry is WAWL  Women’s Ministry, and I use the social media Facebook at

Saddleback Church has thousands of small groups online at . You can find us there as well under WAWL Ministry.


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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