Fixing the Broken Pieces in Our Lives

If I had to give an answer right now about the weakest area in my Spiritual Walk with God, I would have to say that it is my money management/ tithing. It has always been one area in my life that I could never quite get a handle on. I am finally admitting my major flawed area in my life, asking Him for forgiveness, and giving it all over Him to fix! It is just like a small child breaking a toy, and then bringing the broken pieces over to their parent to fix! That is me, and I am standing in faith that my Father will fix it, turning my broken clay pot into something brand new and beautiful. I know that with God there is always my part and His part. He will stand patiently and wait for me to bring all the pieces of my life to Him, but I have to do my part; bring him the pieces.

I know through reading his Word that transformation takes time. In His perfection, He never makes something anything other than complete, but I know there is a process.

Taking my broken pieces of pottery means that he will completely  break apart the jagged pieces, and re-create the pottery forming a new cup. It is after it is formed that He will put it in the oven baking it to perfection.

What is someone to do during this process? First and foremost, our job is to admit our shortcomings, and sins asking the Father for forgiveness! Once we have asked for forgiveness, it is time to let go of the broken item. Do not give something to God, and then because of your own impatience snatch it back from Him!

During the rebuilding process it is for our benefit to really get to know the Father’s Word, our instruction manual for life, the Bible. It is in these pages, that most if not all your growth will occur. How do you know what God wants you to do? What does He expect? Read the Bible! His directions are clear and concise. All children including big children (adults) do better with structure, order, and wise counsel.

If you are not currently growing with the Word of God,, get into a Bible Study! They are all over the place: churches, online small groups, Christian Ministries, etc. There are so many that are free, and you do not even have to leave your house. (Internet.)


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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