Is Praying Natural For You?


This morning I was flipping through the pages of the book, “Too Busy Not to Pray” by Bill Hybels and caught an interesting statement, it said “praying is unnatural to the human being”.  Thinking about this statement, Is it true? Is that why I have such a difficult time staying focused when I pray silently in my head? Is that why my prayer life is sporadic, and not consistent? Most importantly, is that why I am not as close to God as I would like to be? I believe all of these questions to be true.

The easiest method for me to pray is when I journal my prayers to God and write them out. The ability to put my thoughts on paper allows my brain to focus on my thoughts, and expressing them through the written word. The problem that I do have with this is that I often get lazy and do not feel like writing everyday, causing me to forgo days without talking to God, and Him talking to me. Satan loves those missed opportunities! He strives to make it difficult to slow down and pray, keeping us often overly busy, rushed, stressed and frustrated. When I dive into the Word, God will speak to me as well, but the problem there again is laziness and inconsistency. I feel closest to God when I am in His Word but must admit that times I look at the Bible and think OK, “Where do I start?”

Anyone else? Share your thoughts?

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