Breaking free from Strongholds…..

Talking about week 3: The infamous Pride…. That ugly word, (it does sound ugly) that makes you even feel all yucky inside! I hate that!  We are talking about removing 5 major obstacles this week! Critical week!

God Always Wills the spiritual captive to be free!

Going back to the first page of the week 3, I just read that little hand written note on the page…. It starts with I was filling out some paperwork in my office, and it hit me!!!!……. now go to your workbook on page 56 in the workbook Breaking Free, to find out what it was…….

I love this, this person realized that they had been sober for six years, “God met me right where I needed HIM too! That’s not to say, I do not struggle… I do, I am still a recovering alcoholic and need God’s love every day! Praise Him, for He is a God who breaks strongholds!” (Workbook page 56)

Do you realize how liberating that statement she just made is?  I will share with you, I do!  I honestly do! Some of you know my story, some may not,…. I used to be ashamed to tell it. I don’t like it, don’t get me wrong, but I tell it! I tell my story because it is living proof to me , my family, my friends and those who know me, that there is a true God, who changes conditions, circumstances, and lives! I really should not even be here today, I have played “Russian Roulette”  metaphorically speaking so many times in my life it is not even funny!  For a period of about two years, after my brother died, I found a very dark, lonely, ugly place…. It is a place that shows no favoritism, no bias, no prejudice, it is an equal opportunity employer for anyone willing to roll the dice, it’s called drug addiction. I can put a pretty spin on it, and say the “Suburban Drug Prescription Problem” but all in all, it is the same destruction that heroin addicts gamble with daily in the streets!

Opiates addiction is the number one killer of young adults now, it has surpassed the number of automobile accidents and continues to climb daily! A long, very painful, very popular, slow way to kill yourself.  (Vicoden, Oxycontin, Hydrocondone)… God is good, he chose not to leave me there, and brought me to Him! Don’t get me wrong it’s a daily process, but it has been almost nine years now clean, so now I use my weaknesses to help other people!

Why do I tell you all this, we all struggle with something! All of us!!!!! Keeping your story bottled up is not using it for God’s Glory. He uses us and our heartbreaks, our losses, and our experiences to help other people! I am SURE that another addict would rather hear it from me, than some author who has researched a problem, on how it really is, How do you get out of the living hell? Same with you, you need to be an example to others for Christ! If you use to cry alone at night, and have walked through  something, share it! There is someone out there right now, who is still crying! If you have been a victim of domestic violence, tell someone, someone right now, is scared to death and hurting! If you are a survival of childhood sexual assault, share you hurt, share your story, most important share your recovery! There is a scared young girl sitting right next to you today, wondering if it will even end, but too paralyzed to tell someone because they think something is going to happen to their loved ones if they do!!!

I love what God says that we can do, “We can know HIM and Believe HIM! Yes, it sounds easy as Beth Moore writes in her book, but it is true, the largest obstacle to believing God is choosing NOT to believe HIM! I love what the author writes, we are not talking about believing in God, but believing He is who He says He is! The Great I AM! Think of this, to paraphrase Beth, “We can believe in salvation, yet spend the rest of our days being HIM for little more…. “ Whew…. Really, that is deep!  What does believing God mean?  (Genesis 15:6 and Romans 4:3- Breaking Free page 58).. so stand firm, and hold on! You got this!



I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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