As I was reading Joyce Meyer’s Everyday Life magazine today, I came across an article that caught my attention, “Forced Child Labor, Life Inside a Sri Lankan Brick Factory.” There was a young thirteen year old who worked ten hour days along with her parents making bricks all day, out of red clay. A common product used by many without truly understanding the “history” if you will of what goes in to having a product made. I can honestly say that when I go to any Home Improvement Store, the last thing I think about is, ” I wonder whose lives were affected by the manufacturing of this brick? Another thing I never think of. As I continued to read this story it saddened my heart. One that those conditions are real and that they exist, and two, that we often become de-sensitized to the trials of the world. I read that story to my thirteen year old, as she was heading out the door to go “hang out”, She looked at me with a sad face, said wow, and headed out the door. I sat there and wondered if it was a blessing that she never had to face that, or a hindrance that I have not taught her to be more sensitive. I know that there is so much out in this world, that we as an individual family unit do not see, nor experience. What about the families that do? What about the parents whose children are loved just as much by their parents that I do mine? What about the sadness, deprivations, trauma’s, trials, and tragedies? Do they simply not affect us, or go away? I am blessed, so blessed. My children  have never gone hungry, gone without shelter, food, clothing, serious health issues, education,  or nice things. Am I lucky? No, I am blessed, and I never take that for granted! I have seen life slip away from someone I love, I have seen other’s people’s lives affected by a life debilitating illness or prognosis. I have seen families without shelter, without power, without food, without medical care. I have seen alot, but not felt… I don’t ever want to become cold or callous or insensitive to the needs of this world. I know the power of Jesus! I know how much He loves all of His Children, and I know what I am expected to do. I hope that I meet his approval by doing what I can to help another person. Even if it is simply listening to what another person has to say, that ‘s a gift. Ask any elderly person in a nursing home, they will tell you, the highlight of their day is just to reminisce or share a story or two. I encourage you to do all you can for others, beginning in prayer. You may not be able to change a person’s circumstances yourself, but with your prayers, you are changing lives, and worlds of those around you. God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscience.. Don’t ever forget the power of the Healer of the World. I hope that you are given the opportunity to bless another, and that you do it to your very best!



I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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One comment on “Blessed……
  1. Mary Simpson says:

    Traci this is beautiful. Just like you. This blog confirms to me what I have come to know about you. Bless you Traci.


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