Where Would I Be?

It is such a humbling experience to sit and watch God’s majestic beauty and power as the ocean is constantly in motion. It’s the little things that we often are too busy to notice. Have you done everything you wanted to do today? I am learning its not about things, or possessions that we should work for, its about people! Loving people with such an innocence of a small child. No alterior motives, no needs to be met, just simply enjoying another person. We are all created for interaction and relationships with other people. I have heard that we as humans work our whole life for the gold mine at the end of the rainbow, but during that time it is easy to become strained with the one’s you love. That is Satan’s tactic. He is slow, and patient to keep hammering and chiseling away at your heart and soul

I sit and think about where I was, and where I was before God saved me! Where would I be without your grace? Life is precious and fragile, I learned that when I lost my brother. I don’t want to spend my whole life chasing a dream, if I don’t have someone to share it with. I have learned the difference between happiness and Joy! Grace and Mercy are the key component in this world. You came to my rescue, I have grace that restores, grace that redeems, grace that releases me to worship you wholeheartedly. Miracles! Joy is what I feel when I am talking with you! After finding out what Joy is, I don’t care if I ever experience another blessing, you are sufficient! You are my King! Jesus, there is so much healing and peace in just saying your name! Thank you for you love, friendship, grace, and mercy!



I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

Posted in God, Grace, love, Mercy, People, Redemption, relationships

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