Spiritual Warfare Is Real!

I have always had spiritual warfare, like everyone else does, but I never noticed the intensity until I really started diving into the Word of God! Then it hit, like a firecracker! I see things differently now, I see leaders with a new admiration! To lead is hard, with warfare it can be beyond difficult!  I am reading a book called “Prayers that Rout Demons.” by John Eckhardt. It is filled with Scripture to defend yourself with against the attack of the enemy!

I love what it says about prayer, “We base our prayers on the Word of God. The Word of God will inspire you to pray. Prayer is one of the ways we release the will of God upon the Earth. We must study the Word of God in order to know the will of God. This is why prayer and the Word must be combined!”

God teaches us how to fight the enemy using His Word. The Holy Spirit will open your eyes to see the truth, using the Word of God as your sword! Confessing the Word of God is an intrical part of every believer’s life. Salvation comes from confessing with the mouth. The mouth is connected to the heart. The Word of God released from your mouth will be planted in your heart, Faith is released from the mouth. See how it all works?

Scripture for Spiritual Warfare can be found in the index of most Bibles, the Internet, Books, the sources are all over the place if you look. Where ever you find it, look them up in the Bible, and they must line up with it! Some of the Scriptures that I use are Isaiah 54:17, which states, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against me in judgment I condemn.” Another one that I like is Isaiah 54:14, “I am established in righteousness, and oppression is far from me.”

Your job is to seek out the Word of God, God will make it clear to you and teach you what you need to know, But seek HIM first, and foremost everyday!


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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