To Stop A Monster: Bringing Justice To Uganda’s Kids

This article is written by a friend of mine’s husband. I wanted to share it with you all, to help spread the word of the difficult undertaking that John Nielson of Justice for Youth is doing. Although the subject matter is not pleasant, the work that so many caring people and Justice for Youth to stop children from being trafficking is hard at work.

I am sharing this article and agency with the author’s consent.
For a full copy of this article, as well as to see their website:

To Stop A Monster: Bringing Justice To Uganda’s Kids

human trafficking statistics, trafficking at risk childrenTrafficking At Risk Children To Kill

Thousands of young boys and girls in Africa have and are being recruited to a life of destruction. The boys are recruited to be killers and the girls are recruited to be sex slaves. Their maniacal leader calls them the “Lord’s Resistance Army.” They serve no cause or purpose other than keeping this monster in power over his own imaginary kingdom.

This is human trafficking of the worst kind: taking at risk children and turning them into an army of killers against their will.
This year, 2012, is the year that one man wants to stop this monster in his tracks. Filmmaker Jason Russel released a film 3 weeks ago that has gone viral. “Invisible Children” is dedicated to the demise of the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army and the deliverance of it’s young captors. We at JFY support and applaud Russel’s efforts and encourage you to get involved.

To Stop A Monster: Bringing Justice To Uganda’s Kids

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