The Howl of the Wind

Matthew 14:27-31, I love these verses, it is a perfect description on how I feel sometimes when the storms of life are battering me. In Matthew, Peter expresses to Jesus that he is afraid of the strength of the wind, which caused Peter to take his eyes off Jesus, and he began to sink. “Lord,  save me”, Peter cried. The Lord replied,”You of little faith, why did you doubt?” As Jesus climbed into the boat the wind ceased.

In Beth Moore’s study of Breaking Free, she writes, “Christ does not always immediately calm the storm, but He is always willing to calm His child on the basis of His presence.”

Oh how many times, because of distractions, have I taken my eyes off Jesus? I let the distractions and circumstances of the world, cause me to take my eyes off Jesus, resulting in me tumbling down into the deep water’s of life. It was because of another force, (the wind) that caused me to stumble and  get off track of the path of the righteous life. After the fact, when I hit the water, I realize what was the cause of the fall, and it is up to me to re-focus my attention back on the Lord and get up again.

I remember the wind as a child frightened me, and in the night if I was staying with my grandmother, I would curl up as far underneath her as I could possibly get, feeling safe with her. I remember talking with her about the wind one night in the dark, I couldn’t see her, but the calmness of her voice when she told me that, “the wind is what God uses to talk to us”. She said if you lay real still and quiet, you will be able to hear his voice in the wind,  telling  us that it’s okay, not to be afraid, for he is near us.  I laid there for a few minutes, listening for his voice. I told her that I didn’t hear any voices, and she said just “be still child, you will hear it.”

I don’t recall hearing God’s voice through the wind that night,  but I did feel a peace, enough to fall back asleep. To this day, everytime I hear the wind, I feel the stillness and the tranquility of His peace, that He gives to us, that makes me no longer afraid of the wind. It not only makes me not afraid, not just of the wind, but it gives me the boldness to face each day, with an ear for hearing from Him, and a heart open to recieve His love and nurturing.

I thank God for the people, He has put into my life, and the lessons I have learned from Him, and through other people. It is amazing, that He is always there, and I can always feel His love, no matter what the circumstances are.  


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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