God is really working on me with this. I never realized that we as humans are such a “see what I did for you,” type of culture, but we are, and I am just as guilty.

God told me to do something yesterday, and I did it. I also did it secretly to ensure that God was given all the Glory, as He should be. Later on in the day, a friend called me and told me about her day. She was so excited because she had been blessed that day, and told me on the phone that it was probably someone at her church that did it. Immediately my flesh wanted to say, “No it wasn’t, it was me.” but I didn’t for had I , she would have been more focused on what I had done, rather than the true gift, and the true source of the gift in which she received. She told me that because of this, she was able to witness to the lady that was riding in the car with her. Wow, two people for the Glory of God! That’s amazing! All in all, she told me of what the blessing had meant to her and her family, which was good. The most amazing part was that I got to see all the things that God could do with a little amount. I was able to see for myself all of God’s Glory! I also had a well needed exercise, of taking the focus off my flesh, and “not about me” scenario.

It was an amazing experience, being obedient to God and seeing all of His Wonder’s! If I could do it all again, I would do it better, so that nothing would interfere with sharing of His Glory! Not a single doubt, insecurity, or feeling that the flesh should be acknowledged. God is so good to me everyday, but yesterday was more amazing than ever!

Thank you God for the privilege and honor of serving you, I only hope that He will use me again real soon.


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

Posted in Friends, Glory, God, Honor, Ladies, Service, Witness

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