To have Faith is to trust God, no matter the outcome. It means without anxiety, giving it over to God and letting him handle it. I must admit, alot of times, I will say I give it to you Lord, then turn around and take it right back. Often I take it back, without God even having the chance to handle it. What does it mean to me, to have Faith? It means not worrying about the things I cannot control, and even the things that I can. It means trusting God enough and accepting and trusting that His decisions are always right.

It means that the promotion that my husband should get and hasn’t yet, may not be in the best interest of our family. God knows everything. Sometimes he withholds something for various reasons; knowing it’s not up to me to decide if its the right decision.

The worst thing I can do is say that I have faith, and not trust Him. The Word says that a man without faith is unstable! I refuse to  give in to the enemy, no matter what it takes, how I feel (knowing that feelings are the last thing I should rely on).or what I think period. God is in control, and with that, I am going to let Him be!


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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