Addiction and God’s Grace……

Let’s be real here, this is a very raw subject we often don’t want to talk about, bring up, or much less think about, but I feel I have to do it. This blog started out as “my” personal place to write and share with myself, (really?) the things that I had read, gathered, or learned about. I started noticing that people were reading it, and sharing the blog. That is great, but It made me realize, wow, other people are reading this, better watch what I write. I don’t think that is what God’s intention ever was…nor is it mine! So beware, some things you read are personal, honest, and could be a bit raw… but it is my hopes that other’s can apply what I write, line it up with God’s truth, most importantly!, and apply it, share it, or whatever you are called to do……
I read this morning, “Dance like no one is looking, Sing like no one can hear you, and Love like you can’t be hurt!” Isn’t that so awesome?!
OK, back to the topic of this post…. Addiction’s. There is a really good book, actual several Christian books out there that talk about Addictions, but the best one I have found is the Bible. One in particular that I am looking at right now is, “Stop the Madness, Finding Freedom from Addictions.” by Serendipity House. It is the Picking Up the Pieces Series.
I won’t make this too long, but I can tell you from experience, that addiction is not a fun place to be. It is a very long, lonely, isolating place, and if you are BLESSED enough to pull through it, it is only because of God’s Mercy and Grace! It is nothing that you did, or another person did for you, but only through the Grace of God, I repeat! God loves you, and will use other people to put in your path in helping your recovery, but please understand and give the credit to whom it is due!
The twelve steps are great, if taken with a Christian concept. The first step of Admitting your need,  of admitting your life is unmanageable! This is the time to get on your knee’s and pray for guidance from HIM! n Idolatry and addiction go hand in hand, putting the desire to get high, above Him and everything else, including yourself. Admitting this sin to him, is a first step to getting free!
A verse that I really like, is this….”It was for freedom that Christ set us free, therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to the yoke of slavery. Gal 5:1 NASB
I would love to share feedback with you on this topic, I can say that there is a life to live outside of this, for HIM to do His work. It is our responsibility to share with others, and to try and help by using our lives as an example. It’s not for us, to keep our experiences, both Good or Bad, to ourselves. So share your story….
I am here to share and help you along your way.

I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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