Our Only Requirement….

I had an amazing moment this morning, I opened up my homework to start ahead of the week, and started reading. I have felt like I was living under a large gray cloud, between God and myself. I just didn’t feel like I was filled with the Holy Spirit.


I started reading, and you know with all these responsibilities and requirements of things we have to get done, the stresses of trying to get through each problem of the day. You know life.

I realized, that God does not require us to solve the world’s problems,

 ~~~~~~~~HE requires only that you give yourself 100 per cent to God, and love him more than anything or anyone else.~~~~~~

That means you put HIM above anything, every person, every burden, every stressor etc TRUSTING him to finish the end result.

He is so amazing, He requires that We just make the commitment to love Him and Put HIM First. Repentance gives you the reset button to be able to do that.

Once you have Hit the reset button, (repent) it’s all Good… you are only responsible to do what HE requires of you.

The proof of our love for him will show up when we are obedient to His Commandments.

The second part of this, remembering and compliance to HIS Words. He is so awesome, he even gives us help right then and there, with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us to remember what HIS Words are.  (John 14;26) cause He knows we wont remember all of what His Words are in the time that we will need them, so He is there.

So hoping I have not rambled, I (we) have been given another shot to get it right, another day, another blessing, to DO in your day WHAT REALLY MATTERS…..

NOT, the problems of work, bills to be paid, what clothes the kids will wear to school, distractions, distractions etc.

But people, did I take this day to teach Alexis and Elijah and others when given the right opportunity How to pull to God so they can have the same thing that I am describing, so that they know what His Truths are, so they don’t get snagged up in the devil, or temptation, when they are alone in a stressful situation and don’t know where or who to get help from,

Real life stuff……..

This has been an eye opening for me… and a renewed sense of what we are truly here for. I love you.

Its been amazing to me as I study these “textbooks” that its not how I apply them to pass the test at liberty, but how I pass the test of life!

I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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