I feel differently now……

You know God has a way of really working out things if you take a minute to put it all in perspective, and really listen to what He is saying to you. It is amazing that we all live in this fast-paced, evil, world that the enemy is very good at keeping us so  busy, distracted, and preoccupied with things that we don’t see the big picture! In a material world, where money, greed, and the constant reach for more, more, more….. I have wondered, do we really even know what we are reaching for? Does time go by so fast and we are in such a rush, that when we do take the time to slow down, we don’t even remember what we were reaching for to begin with?

We look around the people we love are aging, the new material things we purchased are old, our children are no longer babies, yesterday is the past, and today is a rush for things we are hoping will happen tomorrow. We surround ourselves with people we have no close relationships with, often due to a career, or an opportunity that we think we may have, while the people we love are often waiting for the opportunity to spend the precious time with us that we so busily push away.

I learned a powerful lesson today, our Bishop was talking about a person’s significance. The questions that we spend a lifetime asking ourselves, do I matter? What am I here for? We develop such a longing for a positive answer that we will often seek it anywhere, from anyone…… The answer to that is yes, we matter to God first, We are significant to him, and the happiness to life is knowing and stopping here in our search for the answer to our “significance” issues.

Yes, we matter to the family and friends that we have relationships with. The problem starts when we forget that even those that are close to us love us, we are dealing with people with just as much issue with their  own insignificance  issues, as well as their own imperfections.  We often make the mistake in building and relying on others to show to us that we are important and matter, and when they fail to do that, we begin to internalize that how they make us feel, must be true. Until we realize, that we are are internalizing unhealthy thoughts that should not have even been materialized as our feelings, can we begin to realize the true source of our strength, is only found in God.

Sometimes, I have to look around and realize that it is not the responsibility of another person to provide  your own self-worth, and when you can put all this in to perspective, you can get back to the importance that God has placed in your life, by having relationships with other people. This is the distraction that the enemy creates, confusion, to who and what roles people should play in our lives, and what part we will play in theirs.  The problem is created when the value of the relationship, or the role in which it will play in our lives becomes twisted,  and the desire to please them is more than it is to please God. We must realize that the people in our lives, and the relationships we have with them is a gift from God and it should not be a source of pain in our lives. Take the time today to thank God for His love for you, and the people that he has placed in your life, while they are here. There is always a time and season for that relationship, treasure it, and treasure Him.


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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