Notes from Pursuing Promises from God

These are the notes that I took from the sermon this morning, By B. Courtney McBath from . My hope is that something along these words, will be something that your soul needs to hear.

I learned any Vision on your own is probably not from God, because he needs to be in it.
We do however, need to get Passionate about something. The same way as you give, you get back. So Give with Passion. The more excited you are about giving to God, he returns it back to you. Heaven is fine in the Recession. The Father is at Peace, we need to be at Peace too.
This weeks notes addresses Mark 5, the story of the woman who had bled for twelve years, and due to her faith was healed when she touched the Cloak of Jesus’s hemline. Wow, what a frigtening time that must have been for her, to Boldly step out of her faith and reach out to the Jesus. After twelve years, she was pretty convinced that walking in Faith’s alternative was alot better than were she was currently at.
In reference to last weeks teaching on the Parabel Son, when he was eating the pig slop, he came to himself. Even the Slaves in my daddy’s house eat better than this.
Think Up- thoughts that take you down, or back, must change your thought patterns. Thoughts destroy him, if we don’t adjust the way we think.
Recognize that once you come to Jesus, you dont have to take stuff from Devil. It’s also the way you think about yourself
Learn to Look UP- After thinking and looking UP you have to change UP. This has to come in the way we learn to think differently.
The true meaning to worshiping is humbling yourself- get down, not down on yourself but to a position of humbleance. The plan of the enemy is to make you think either too much or not enough of yourself. Remember, a phony humility is also a form of Pride. Humbling puts you in a place where you can walk out the promises God gives us.
In reference to Act 12, Paul said the “things that I want to do, I don’t do them, and the things I shouldnt do, I do…..” (author’s paraphrase). Paul just like I and you, fought with his Flesh and the Spirit.
Remember, the one who get’s stronger (i.e. your flesh or your spirit) is the one that you feed. If you feed the Spirit, by reading the Word, and soaking it in like the warm sun . Your Spirit will grow. Your Spirit builds up confidence, but don’t doubt for one moment that your Flesh will not rear up and act crazy again, for it will. Just keep feeding the Spirit, so when the flesh does act out, your Spirit is the stronger opponent. The Power of the Spirit, must keep the flesh down, for the flesh is always hungry. Your Spirit is willing but your flesh, keeps fighting.
Your Faith….
Faith will unlock your promises.
Where does Faith come from? In Romans 12;3 God gives everyone a measure of Faith, but how much Faith you have is based on what you have been doing with it? Ephesians 2:8-9 states ” for by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God, not of Works, lest anyone should boast.
How did you get saved if you didnt know any better? The Spirit of God touched the gift of Faith in your life, to get you saved….. You already had the seeds planted within.
So then as I learn to trust God, I open promises in my life cause you get to know him, and know what words he has spoken. When you hear the Word, Faith and the Word, plus Worship is life changing. You hear and receive the word. When the Word comes in, it teaches you who God is, for it makes you know God better, and the more you can trust in him. Trust becomes real after time.
Faith is knowing who he is, the Word changes you.
Dont compare yoiurself to others, for you dont know where they are at, and Jesus looks at the heart not on the external. If you want to compare yourself, compare and try to mimic Jesus….
Faith Grows when you exercise, Romans 4:21. An exercise of Faith causes strength to increase. I dont know about you, but I don’t feel like continuously going through the same old stuff.
Repetition, it does not matter how heavy the weights are when you exercise, what matters more is how many repetitions are you doing, or how much toning are you doing? Tone yourself up now, so when the enemy comes in, your toned up and ready, loaded with the Word , and in Jesus’s name.
Faith is real, when you feel like being nasty or not forgiving, you continue to say yes to God, even when you don’t feel; like it. You deal with the ugliness, and keep saying Yes! So when your blessing does come, you are ready for it. Remember Professional Boxer’s do not get stronger by boxing, its the behind the scene exercising, toning, and repeations that they are doing that make them strong.
How is faith released? Declare what God says in his Word, that you have been studing. Make a statement of Faith, not in the President, or Congress, or the World Leaders but in the Living God.
Remember in Genesis, God spoke the world into existance, The light was the first thing that he called, days before the sun was even created.
Learn how to speak into Situation, you can delcare in the name of Jesus based on his Word.
Remember, sometimes you have to Worship in your tears, but he hears you and is listening….. Have Faith, and keep moving forward.
Psalm 27

I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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