We went to Animal Kingdom Today….

Well we got up early and went downstairs to the lobby for breakfast

and of course every one was starving… especially when you have

waffles, yogurt, cereal… etc…lol…

We went to Animal Kingdom which this was our first time visiting this

park, its kinda like the Busch Garden, Tampa but not quite as many rides.

We saw the musical “Finding Nemo.” Elijah was cool with that, until the

shark came out…. He was trying to make a fast exit out of there…. Daddy

had to convince him many times that he wouldn’t let anything happen to

him. It was nice to sit in the A/C because it was 94 degree’s outside.

We went on a Safari in the Park, which was really cool…. Lots and lots of

animals from Africa. Elijah of course got his toys, a Dinosaur puzzle… very

cool…. Ali bought a hat and all the girl’s got a dress….. We are all planning

on wearing them to the Lagoon tommorrow, where we will go swimming

with the sharks! Very cool….

Came back to the hotel after the park, and jumped in the pool and jacuzzi….

Now its bedtime, and Elijah is already knocked out…..

I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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