Why is it so hard to get good customer service?

Today I am over it, I paid a bill off that went to my credit report and I had to call 6 different numbers and talked to four different people, to try and get a receipt. Then the jack ass tells me that they wont report it positive until the third of next month. I told him, “You didnt say you would take my payment on the third of next month.” Finally, I hope, I got someone to help me. Still waiting for the emailed receipt as we speak.
Finally broke down yesterday and went to the doctors office for my cramps. Well I told the nurse pract. that I needed something for my cramps. She said she would call it in for me. I drive all the way across town and she did not send it correctly. So I called, and told the doctors office that I would come by and pick it up. She said she figured it out, and that it was there at the pharmacy. Mind you, I have already driven back to the office.
I proceed to drive my little butt once again across town to the pharmacy, wait in line for that. I pick up the prescription, and she called in Naproxen! I have plenty of anti-inflammatorys at home. Of course, the office was closed by this time.
I woke up this morning and called the doctor back, the nurse returns my call and tells me that “she is comfortable with the prescription she hadden written me, and that is should be good enough for the pain. Do you know how I wanted to climb through the phone? I told her that it was unacceptable, and she said she would call me back. Still waiting…..
Why is it that someone else thinks they know better? Why is it so damn hard to get good service, they have NO problem taking our mmoney.
Well I guess that is it for now…..


I absolutely love teaching, reading, Genealogy, Bible Studies, spending time with my family and friends!

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One comment on “Why is it so hard to get good customer service?
  1. Syd says:

    Hey girl! Thanks for the link to your blog. I have you bookmarked. Look forward to catching up with you.Janet


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